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About Le Puy, A Wine Valley Inn

We purchased the home in October 2008 as a single-family residence. It was barely finished in construction with no landscaping and the exterior was unfinished. For 2 1/2 years, we commuted from Bremerton, Washington to renovate and create our inn. Our vision took us from a large residence to a beautiful, 8-room inn for the wine valley. The 10 acres upon which we sit yield hay for our neighbor's horses as well as gardens for flowers, vegetables, and fruit. Both of us are architects and greatly enjoyed designing the rooms, common areas, and site landscape you see today. Our heart and soul is in the inn, and we are happy and blessed to share it with people from around the United States and around the world. Santé (to your health!)  Lea & Andy
Grass with trees and flowers

The Name Le Puy

(Pronounced "pwee") We toured the Loire Valley in France with our home base in Le Puy Notre Dame, a quaint French countryside village. The land surrounding us was full of vineyards, and where the soil was deemed unsuitable for grapes, there were rolling fields of sunflowers.

Inspired by the beauty of the region and the simple sweetness of the name Le Puy, we looked further into the origin and meaning. Basically, it is old French for "isolated hill" or "volcanic hill." There are many Le Puys throughout France. They are most often ancient worship sites which contained a dolmen (sacred stone) and were usually replaced by Christian churches.

Our property features gardens, including a demonstration vineyard, edible garden, and of course, sunflowers. The sunflower in our logo was inspired by the rolling fields in the Loire. We sit on a hillside with spectacular views of the Chehalem Ridge and peeks at the Coastal range, Mt Hood, and Mt Jefferson. We feel the mix of nature, spirituality, and deep-rooted history behind the name fits into our dream for creating a holistic, sustainable inn. Thus, Le Puy, our wine valley inn was born.

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